Sample Astronomy Essays On Podcast Space Travel

Homework Question on Podcast Space Travel

To receive credit for this Podcast Activity you must:

  • Listen to/read all of the following links.
  • Write a half page summary (typed, double spaced, 12pt font) of the topic (combine all the links into one summary). “Reference these links”
  • 1 original, thoughtful comment. I need one comment about this thing after when you write the summary this comment will be for discussion
  • Use pdf or .doc or .docx formats only.  (see the attachment file)
  1. NASA Orion Mission, test flight for humans to Mars by 2021
  2. Mars One, Human Settlement on Mars by 2024…

  1. One-wa Mars trip attracts over 200,000 potential astronauts …Only 1058 still in contention to start Mars colony,
  2. Astronaut Tips: How to Wash Your Hair in Space,
  3. Chris Hadfield on How Astronauts Shave in Space,
  4. Felix Baumgartner – the jump from space;
  5. Virgin Galactic, British commercial spaceflight company, ~$250,000 for a ride into space, includes 6-min of ‘weightless –ness’

        Homework Answer on Podcast Space Travel

The articles describe man’s plans of travelling and living in Mars. A number of people are planning and researching ways that will improve their survival in Mars and out of space. This article will summarize all the links into one summary and provide one original thoughtful comment.The articles analyze ways in which man is inventing safe methods of travelling and living in Mars. The earlier missions made have had several accidents.

NASA is thinking of hiring private planes that will be used for travelling to outer space and mars. McLane is one example of a man who is planning to make a one-way, one-person mission to Mars. He adds that going to Mars is something unique and there will never be a shortage of people having such similar dreams. NASA is looking for ways that will make missions to Mars safe. NASA plans that the next astronauts will travel to space using space crafts that are designed by private companies.

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NASA is working to prevent the occurrence of accidents in the next missions they make. Accidents may result to long investigations that would ban NASA missions. Man is in a mission of making possible missions to outer space.Man will one day be able to travel to space comfortably and safely. To accomplish this dream, man will be required to carry out research that will assist in discovering safe technology for this job.