Sample Astronomy Essay Paper on Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center

Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center

Upon arrival at the Space Shuttle Endeavour, Samuel Oschin Pavilion entrance was our first stop as we had to show‘Journey to Space’ tickets. We then proceeded to Samuel Oschin Air and Space Centre from which Endeavor could be observed. In addition, we experienced The California Story, a supplementary exhibit with artifact and pictures relating California (the state in which the orbiters were erected) to the shuttle program. Many Endeavors’ technical accomplishments and how it relates to California are celebrated in The California Story. The Story showed the building images of Endeavor and the artifacts which hovered into the space while on-board Endeavor. Not only its power, but emotion too is conveyed in intense video games like one of assembly of the shuttle, its lunch and its rollout.

We visited the Rocketdyne Operations Support Center (ROSC) and saw how it was involved in the monitoring of the launch of each space shuttle. There was a very high-tech system of collecting waste known as Space Potty, that solved what was becoming a concern to space travels. There existed the Galley which astronauts boarding Endeavor used as kitchen. We had a golden opportunity of seeing and even touching Endeavor flight STS-134’s tires showing wear as a result of runway landing.

Featuring videos and images introducing the former missions of Endeavor and its then fly-crew, Samuel Oschin Pavilion provided an up close sight that allowed us discover the physics behind this awesome vehicle. We learnt that the Hubble Space Telescope mission and twenty-four space missions were first completed by Orbiter Vehicle-105. The spacemen’s workshop, SPACEHAB deliveredextra room for those who worked and lived in the space.The primary engine used by the Space shuttles, which remains the best in terms of efficiency and advancement worldwide, enabled the space shuttle push up to orbit. Finally, we were shown external tank containing the propellants powering the main engines, which also was the only non-reusable part of the shuttle stack.

In conclusion, visiting Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center was a great success with more than enough lessons. The whole experience was memorable, workers showed enough hospitality, and definitely I would love to be back given another chance.

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