Sample Astronomy Essay Paper on Science and Technology

Science and Technology

Part I: Science in Personal and Professional Life

Scientific technologies play vital roles in our day-to-day lives, which is evident in the fact that people can hardly go through a day without using them. In my daily life, I rely on various technologies to get things done. One of these is the computer, which plays an integral role when it comes to the completion of my day to day duties particularly in the workplace. I use the computer technology to record, store, and transfer critical data at the workplace. Despite its benefits, this technology has several negative impacts given the cybercrime risks accompanying its use and increased incidences of privacy violation for people using computers in daily operations. Also, increased and frequent use of computer technology exposes one to health complications such as eyesight problems. Many people are losing jobs because employers are shifting to the use of computers for faster completion and handling of responsibilities at the workplace. The cell phone is another technology I rely on a daily basis, and it is close to impossible for me to go through the day without using this technology. Scientific improvements to this technology have resulted in modern-day smartphones that have become even more attractive. People use cell phones for communication and access information about what is happening around them. The technology has adverse impacts on day-to-day life as it interferes with social relationships as people often concentrate more on their phones than they interact with their colleagues (Younes & Al-Zoubi, 2015). The cell phone, especially smartphone technology, has led to moral decay as youths have easier access to socially unacceptable sites.

With the internet and social media era, people find the camera technology essential, and it is hard for me too to go through my day without using this technology. The technology has been incorporated into smartphones, and this has made it even cheaper for people who cannot purchase cameras. Although this technology enhances social interactions and relationships on social media platforms, it is a significant threat to people’s privacy, and confidentiality as people often expose wherever they are and whatever they do in their daily life. The refrigerator is another technology I use daily whenever I am in the house particularly for food preservation. Since everyone prepares and eats food daily, the refrigerator helps to preserve remnant foods and drinks. Like the mentioned technologies, it uses a high energy levels making it expensive for the ordinary individual. Also, most refrigerators are not environmentally friendly given the harmful gases emitted in the process and the fact that some are noisy.

Several scientific discoveries make human life possible, but one that stands out and is of great significance is electricity. Everything we do at home and the workplace must use electricity in one way or the other. The computer technology I use on a daily basis operates because of electricity. This is similar to other technologies I depend on every day such as the cell phone, refrigerator, and camera. Electricity, as a scientific discovery, has numerous positive impacts on our daily lives. It is used to charge all the electrical appliances we use daily, used for lighting purposes, heating, cooling, transportation, communication, and others. However, it has adverse impacts as it is one of the most dangerous scientific technologies if misused, it is used in industries that contribute to environmental pollution, and it raises health concerns in the case of electromagnetic fields and radiation (Younes & Al-Zoubi, 2015). Without electricity, modern life would be close to impossible meaning that the positives outweigh the negatives overall.

Part Two: Science and Technology in A Multicultural World

Westernized High-Tech Research Approach to Medical Treatment

In addition to electricity, medicine is one of the most important scientific discoveries in human life. Several research programs are underway, and they focus on discovering medical cures to a range of illnesses that threaten human life. Contemporary society is gradually shifting from the use of traditional medicine to investing significant amounts of money and time in the development of new and advanced medical cures to improve existing treatments. Using the westernized high-tech research approach to medical treatment is advantageous and disadvantageous at the same time. An advantage of this approach chances of success during treatment are high since thorough research is conducted to ensure the effectiveness and accuracy of treatment (Massey & Kirk, 2015). A disadvantage of the approach, however, is that critical traditional medical components that are less expensive and have minimal side effects on human health are ignored.

Using Traditional Medicine as An Approach to Medical Treatment

Before the advent of modern medicine such as aspirin and others, people used the bark and leaves of trees to treat various health problems from fevers to pain. An advantage of using this approach to medical treatment is that chances for side effects on human health are reduced. Contrary to modern pharmaceutical drugs, traditional medicine has minimal side effects when used in the treatment of illnesses (Patwardhan & Partwardhan, 2005). A disadvantage of the approach is that it is inappropriate for the treatment of many conditions. In other words, there is no guarantee that using certain herbs or leaves from trees will treat a specific illness.

Benefits to Having Multicultural Approaches to Medical Treatment

An advantage of having multicultural approaches to medical treatment is that the perspective, as well as the variety of options for medical treatment, are broadened. This ensures that people do not have to rely on one approach when it comes to treatment but have the freedom to choose from the two options. Also, using multicultural approaches reduces the likelihood of side effects that are a significant threat when it comes to treatment.

Improvement of the Two Approaches

There is the possibility that one of the cultural approaches can be improved by drawing upon the other. As already mentioned, each of the methods has weaknesses that can be taken care of when another approach is used. It is highly likely that using both approaches can produce better results as compared to when only one method is used.

Challenges That May Be Faced When the Two Approaches Are Combined

Difficulty should be expected when a decision is made to combine westernized high-tech research approach and using traditional medicine as an approach to medical treatment. It would be challenging to convince modern scientists researching modern medicine to support and adopt traditional treatment methods (Patwardhan & Partwardhan, 2005). Contrarily, convincing traditionalists to embrace modern medicine developed through science would be a significant challenge. Also, coming across treatments that entail using both the modern scientific and traditional approaches would be an uphill task. In several cases, combining the two methods is not only unacceptable but impossible.


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