Sample Astronomy Essay On The Universe and the Solar System

Homework Question on The Universe and the Solar System

  • The format of this paper is a question that focuses on one of the principle learning objectives such as how the Universe and the Solar System is formed.
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Homework Answer on The Universe and the Solar System

The solar system is approximately 4.5 billion years old. According to scientific evidence, the formation of the solar system was completed about 100 million years after the sun was formed which took about one million years (Chambers & Mitton, 2014; Ward & Brownlee, 2004). The process of star formation from a collapsing molecular cloud of dust and gas defines the formation of the solar system. This is the theory of the solar nebula star.

According to this theory, the universe and the solar system were formed through a rotating cloud, which was compressed by a passing shock wave (Ward & Brownlee, 2004). The cloud collapsed into a flat, spinning disk characterized by a prostar at its center. The planets were made from the flat spinning disk through a process of coagulation and condensation of the material from the compressed rotation cloud, which were largely composed of dust particles (Taylor, 2001).

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One of the initial processes by the formation of the planets was the nuclear fusion process. This process began in the central star making it bigger and luminous enough (Taylor, 2001). The components of the universe and the solar system indicate that the solar nebula theory is the most plausible in explaining the formation of the universe and the solar system (Chambers & Mitton, 2014).