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Homework Question on The Telescope

  1. History of telescopes
  2. Types of telescopes
  3. Modern telescopes
  4. Future telescopes
  5. Telescope construction
  • Should be written in Times New Roman, font size 12, with 1”/2.5cm margins & 1.5 spacing between lines.
  • Should have a short general introduction stating why this subject was chosen as well stating what the report will examine.
  • Should be divided into sections & given section titles: e.g. introduction, background, development and what is happening presently.
  • No conclusion is needed.
  • Should have minimum five references with five citations relating to each reference.
  • References are single space & listed alphabetically or numerically

 Homework Answer on The Telescope

Individuals have tried to engage efforts that would enable them to visualize the earth’s surface beyond the planets and other bodies that scientists have discovered, this urge and determination led to the innovation of the telescope which has greatly improved the way individuals view the skies as well as changed our perceptions with regard to the universe enabling a deeper quest into the deepest point of both the space as well as the edges of the earth’s surface.

The mystery surrounding the innovation of the telescope is believed to have started as early as the 13th century when a glassmaker made a discovery glasses could be used to magnify objects leading to the invention of spectacles (Felling, 2008). In his discovery, the glassmaker realized that glasses had a magnifying effect when an object was glanced at from the glass making the objects clear and bigger in size (Andersen, 2007). Further development in this discovery did not have a great identifiable impact until in the 17th century when there was a development leading to the discovery of the convex lenses which were later utilized to develop the telescope.

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However it is not clearly ascertained as to who invented the telescope but from a patent point of view, Hans Lippershey, a Dutch spectacle maker is the first individual with whom the innovation started gaining root (Andersen, 2007). However there was a denial of the rights since many individuals started to claim they were the rightful inventors of the telescope an issue that has not been absolved to present day.