Sample Article Review Paper On The Obama Generation

Homework Question on Whether  The Obama Generation Should drop out

  • Write an essay in which you argue for or against the idea and it needs to be written in present verb tense, third person.
  • Please include work cited.

“Should the Obama Generation Drop Out”

Homework Answer on Whether  The Obama Generation Should drop out

BARACK OBAMA has two attractive ideas for improving post-secondary education —expanding the use of community colleges and tuition tax credits — but he needs to hitch them to a broader platform. As president, Mr. Obama should use his bully pulpit to undermine the bachelor’s degree as a job qualification. Here’s a suggested battle cry, to be repeated in every speech on the subject: “It’s what you can do that should count when you apply for a job, not where you learned to do it.”

In the article, Murray proposes abandonment of the Bachelor’s degree as a measure of the preparedness of students and job candidates in professional contexts. He argues that emphasis on acquisition of a Bachelor’s degree in the modern society and among employers as a measure of personal and professional capacity to excel at work has placed unwarranted demands on students and the society that are counterproductive. He observes that college education is expensive and suits bright students with passion for academic knowledge and excellence.

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However, most students are not top students, do not come from wealthy families, and do not have passion for academic excellence (Murray para. 2).I agree with Murray that students’ enrollment in university occurs based largelyon perceptions and knowledge that it is a means to assure a well-paying job. The increasingly competitive global job market and perpetual requirements for more innovation and corporate remodeling to enable adaptations to changing industrial and market needs have influenced perceptions among employers that a University degree is the minimum requirement for effective performance and productivity among employees (Murray para. 1-3).