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The article in the review is about the cases of celebrity hacking that is becoming rather rampant in the current world[1]. This was just after a story had been aired after a female celebrity had her private nude pictures leaked to the public. This, therefore, begs the discussion about the safety of the information that people store on the internet. The word was very excited by the entry of the use of the internet. It made so many things easier to do and many others more reachable and achievable than they were in the past. However, care was not taken to look into the negative issues that were likely to come about as a result of this new technology. The reason why people have now become so exposed and the world now no longer enjoys the privacy that was present in the past. As some inventors of internet-related gurus are trying to come up with methods of making the use of the internet more efficient, there is an even larger lot that is finding ways of compromising the use of the internet.

This article related to the reading because the later is explaining about the existence of various types of networks and how they are used for various purposes. In understanding the reading, one will be able to tell better how hackers are managing to break into private domains. There is also a lot of information that can be gathered just from specific networks. For instance, IP addresses are often reserved for each network or computers. Through this, a person accessing the internet can be traced to where they are tough their IP addresses.

It relates to other disciplines in various ways especially when it comes to morality. Moral decadence is quickly escalating in the current world due to the use of internet that makes the spreading of information faster and easier.

Headline: Another view: On the celebrity photo-hacking scandal


Link: The Record Opinion


Froma, Harrop. Another view: On the celebrity photo-hacking scandal. The Record Opinion. 2014.

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