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Homework Question on The Role of Questions in Teaching and Learning

  • Read the following document and comment on the teaching philosophy that is evident in the source.

Homework Answer on The Role of Questions in Teaching and Learning

For several decades, teaching has been part of every learning environment. The concept and process of teaching has elicited mixed opinions and reactions from all lifestyles. Many people have raised different concerns about the best teaching method. So far, teachers and instructors have developed their own teaching methods, which they feel fit their students.

It is evident that most teachers put more emphasis on covering the entire course outline rather than provoking the power of thinking through the course requirements. They instead go through the topics, explaining the concept without raising any question that the concept is meant to answer. In other words, most teachers tend to teach answers without the questions. The students are therefore expected to answer the questions when they eventually come in their exams. This is the concept illustrated in most modern textbooks used by teachers.

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This type of teaching method does not trigger thinking. The mind is triggered by questions and not answers. Well formatted questions will generate a series of thoughts that will result in new ideas. Every field of study, such as Biology came into existence because of open thinking, and all these thoughts begun as questions. Questions are therefore the engine and drivers to constructive thinking.Deep questions raise deep thoughts, which forces individuals to learn how to handle challenging life situations. Pumping concepts into students without any questions is like pressing the brakes of an already stationary car; it brings no change to the students.