Sample Article Review Paper on Journal of Educational Administration

Article Review


Both articles have adapted an organization pattern that is almost similar. At the beginning the reader is presented with an abstract which provides all the information therein but in brief so as to prepare the writer for what he is about to read. They are then followed by a well written introduction, followed by several subtopics, which are necessary for separation of points for each segment.


The first article, which is titled ‘Succeed or else’ is majorly about the associations, individuals and events that have made a contribution to the publishing of the journal in which the article has featured (Thomas, 2012). This therefore means that the articles that have been used in it are peer reviewed as is the requirement for articles that appear in journals. The second article is about the major issues that have been behind the success of students for the past forty years, despite their various statuses and fields (Hoy, 2012). The articles that have been used therein are therefore not necessarily peer reviewed, or having appeared in journals, but have importance that cannot be ignored.


The first article is broader than the second. This is because the second one has only focused on one major topic, that is academic achievement and thus the scope of articles that can be referenced and reviewed for it cannot be compared to those of the first one.

Kind of sources

The first article looks at one specific journal and the people who made contributions towards its publications. This therefore means that the articles that have been used for it have been drawn from the journal where this particular article was taken. The second one, which looks at one specific topic, has drawn references from various sources both reviewed and none reviewed.


Although the two articles are handling totally different topics, based on the intention of the individual authors, I find them equally informative and well researched.


Hoy, W. (2012). School characteristics that make a difference for the achievement of all students: A 40-year odyssey. Journal of Educational Administration, 50(1), 76-97.

Thomas, A. R. (2012). Succeed or else!: Reflections on the 50th anniversary of the< IT> Journal of Educational Administration</IT>. Journal of Educational Administration, 50(1), 12-33.