Sample Article Review Paper on Healthcare


Irrespective of the fact that the United State’s expenditure in health care is higher than other industrialized nations, its out performance is below par (Peterson 8).  The main contributing factor to underperformance in health care services and life expectancy include improper healthcare financing portfolio, lack of quality based health care services, overreliance on private hospitals for quality service other than public healthcare facilities and reduced focus on health care research (Hammerstein “para 3-7).

On financing, it is evident that the U.S utilizes up to 25 percent (about $ 215 billion) of its hospital expenditures on administrative functions. The effect brought about by the recurrent expenditures is lack of consistency in quality aspects of healthcare services (Hammerstein “para 1; 7”). In order to realize high life expectancy, efficiency, access to healthcare service and general healthcare equity, effective healthcare financing should practiced by ensuring lower recurrent expenditures like in Canada, and England who have respective recurrent expenditures amounting to 12 and 16 percent. Therefore, adopting this approach of financial allocations would see the U.S saving up to $ 158 billion a year among other quality benefits (Hammerstein “para 6”)

U.S’s focus on quality base healthcare service is not sufficient because little investments are allocated for real quality aspects in healthcare service (Peterson 12). It is reported irrespective of the higher administrative costs, there seems to be no link between such investments and quality service (Hammerstein “para 7”)

Profit oriented private health care allocations (27 percent of total allocations) are higher than public or non-profit allocations (25 percent) (Hammerstein “para 4”). The fact that majority of citizens manage bills for public health care facilities (with  23 percent allocations) other than for private hospitals, their efforts are thwarted once quality health services are not availed in this facilities thus factor of low life expectancy.

Research is a vital factor of quality healthcare. U.S financial allocations in teaching hospitals are lower than allocations in non-teaching healthcare facilities (Peterson 19) and (Hammerstein “para 4”).

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