Sample Article Review Paper On Golden Opportunities for Global Shippers

Homework Question on Golden Opportunities for Global Shippers

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Homework Answer on Golden Opportunities for Global Shippers

According to the article, it clear that business organizations in the U.S. have the opportunity to source for products from upcoming markets and deliver goods to the rapidly growing consumer bases and markets. Most of the time, consumers in many markets fail to get what they need domestically and, therefore, this presents substantial benefits to the U.S retailers.

My opinion is that the signing of new trade agreements has helped in opening borders and, thereby, necessitating electronic commerce. Economics experts have termed this practice as cross-border shopping. Acquiring access to greater global demand should be on every retailer’s to do list, and particularly when an individual is looking at the growth in demand in such developing markets.

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The article has given an example of the Trans-Pacific partnership that has been considered one of the biggest trade agreements in the recent history. The Trans-Pacific Partnership will boost the global economy by opening different economies (Levans n.p). In addition, the article elaborates that global shippers are the largest beneficiaries of the trade agreements being signed between America and other countries with the aim of easing business and eliminating barriers to business activities.