Sample Article Review Essays On Diversity as a Strategy

Homework Question on Analyzing Diversity as a Strategy

  • Article to be used. Thomas, D.A. (2004). Diversity as a strategy. Harvard Business Review 82(9) 98-108.
  1. Article Analysis: Briefly summarize each author’s purpose and conclusion(s); reasons or evidence offered to support the conclusions, and any assumptions the author made (1 page).
  2. Article Comparison: Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the articles including how each supports, provides differing perspectives and/or contradicts the other (1 page).
  3. Conclusions: Identify and discuss three insights gained into this theme and how you can apply them professionally and/or personally (1 page). • References

Homework Answer on Analyzing Diversity as a Strategy


Diversity is the best approach to apply in a business to understand different cultures and values of stakeholders at the market. It recognizes differences of individuals ranging from race, age, gender and ethnicity to enhance maximum operation at the firm. Through diversity, employers figure out uniqueness of their employees by treating them fairly hence contribute to progress of a firm.

The purpose of this paper is to instill knowledge to owners of organizations and make them understand significance of diversity in groups. Analyzing the first article by Thomas, he terms diversity as an approach that appeal to a large number of clients and workers by exploring their potential to develop a business. The theme articulates on need of employers to recruit individuals from different background for progress.

This is based on aspects such as nationality or age, which contributes positively to innovation in a team (Thomas, 2004). The theme in the second article by Groysberg and Connolly highlights way diversity enables firms to attain its goals by retaining its values.

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Similarities and Differences in the Articles

Similarities in this approach are evident when most companies that embrace diversity perform well. Incorporating shifts in demographic assists both companies to grow to global markets at a fast rate. In addition, these firms experience similar development in communications and technology. They lead when it comes to competitive advantage and social imperative. This arises from making maximum use of potential workers by offering best services at the market.