Sample Art Paper On Ideas and Themes On Edward Munch

Homework Question on Themes On Edward Munch

  • View the video about Edvard Munch, and then submit a minimum 150 word response that addresses the main ideas and themes.

Homework Answer on Themes On Edward Munch

Post-impressionism embraces a variety of distinguishable artistic styles that help in the development of motivation when responding to post-impressionists movement. Some stylistic variations have also been assembled under the banner of post-impressionism, and they range from Neo-Impressionism to symbolism, but they are all concentrated on the artist’s subjective vision. The video describes a movement that introduced an epoch that saw painting surpass its traditionalistic role, becoming a window into the soul and mind of an artist.

Despite the diverse individualized style, many Post-Impressionists e.g. Munch focused on pattern and form when applying paint to canvas’ surface.Personal and symbolic meanings were important to Post-Impressionists such as Edvard Munch. For instance, Munch rejected interest in describing the observed world, but he instead looked to his memories and emotions so as to connect with the viewer in a deeper manner.

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He used optical effects of color, order, and structure to dominate his aesthetic vision. He relied on interrelations of shape and color in describing the world around him, rather than simply representing his surroundings.Edvard Munch grew in a setting that that was characterized by illnesses that were life threatening. The premature deaths of his sister and mother were seen as a form of divine punishment.