Sample Art Essays On The Artist “Horace Pippin”

Homework Question on The Artist  “Horace Pippin”

  1. What drew you to the works of this particular artist?
  2. Artist’s biographical information (location, education, experience, artistic influences, cultural influences, etc…)
  3. Which media, application(s) and themes/concepts does the artist continually revisit? (Give specific examples)
  4. Describe the artist’s style.
  5. Trace the development of that style to its current state. (Give examples)
  6. To which art movement does the artist and his/her work belong?
  7. How does the artist structure his/her studio practice?
  8. What has the public reception been to the artist’s work?
  9. What has the art community’s reception been to the artist’s work? (Highlight any relevant art criticism, reviews of exhibitions, essays, articles, etc…)
  10. Did your opinion of the artist and/or their work change over the course of your research?

Homework Answer on The Artist  “Horace Pippin”

He is an African American painter whose work concentrated on depicting African American life and horrors of war despite having no formal training in art.  His work entailed use of design elements and principles where it has been established that he used bright colors, flat shapes and straight lines (Bernier 75). Many people described his art as primitive and naive because he never complicated his work nor used shading to sophisticate his compositions.

He is remembered for the role he played in depicting special injustice of slavery and American segregation through his compositions of different pieces of art on the same subject (Bernier 62). He was born on February 22, 1888, in West Chester, Pennsylvania to domestic worker parents, it has been established that his grandparents were slaves; he was born twenty three years after the end of slavery (Venezia 16).  His childhood life was spent in Goshen town in New York that consistently featured in most of his artworks; it is in this town that he practiced drawing and illustrations of art.

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His childhood life was characterized by poverty because his family could not afford art materials; this is the reason why he left school at the age of ten to help his family by getting employment as an ironworker and junk dealer. His career started with a stint in military where he fought France during World War I it is during this period that he injured his right arm before retiring from the army. He tried looking for work in United States after retiring from war; he was unable to get a job since the right arm was a disadvantage and many employers turned him away.