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Homework Question on My Life As A Student

Explain your life as a student using True Conditional in Present/Future

Homework Answer on My Life As A Student


If I wake up early in the mornings to do personal studies before the lecturers come for lessons, I answer questions with easy because I already read ahead of the teacher and know what to expect during the lecture. If I join my classmates for group discussion, I gain confidence and can even have the courage to do a class representation individually. If I spare time to play and engage in other recreational activities in the evenings before going to bed, I feel relaxed and fully prepared for another learning period the next day.

If I consult my professors anytime I have a problem in understanding a concept taught in class, my understanding improves, and I do better in my assignments. If I join the online academic discussions, I interact with students from other institutions and exchange ideas that challenge me to work harder to excel in my exams.

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If there are no tuition services during school holidays, I will decline in my performance since I will feel distracted by other non-academic matters such as visiting friends instead of revising. If I can find out why my friends perform better than in me in some subjects, I can borrow their study styles. If I can get a willing student who is poor in subjects which I perform well in, I can volunteer to give them free tutorials on weekends because it will increase my competence as an aspiring professor. If it does not rain in the mornings, I will arrive at school early enough to do some personal revision. If I maintain my current study method, I will be top of my class in the next exams.