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Homework Question on My Family in History

  • Think of the paper as a braid of three elements:
  1. ✓ story,
  2. ✓ historical and/or social context
  3. ✓ interpretation and/or suggestion.
  • Craft your essay or story to show how your family has been impacted by historical events or social issues and/or how actions/choices of your family members (and others like them) may have impacted the course of history. You can do this directly (via explanation) or via suggestion (using imagery, symbols, dialogue, etc.) The idea is not to offer an “expert testimony” about either your family or the workings of history, but rather a subjective and insightful inquiry.
  • You’ll want your story to have a sense of narrative, characters, setting ad plot, but you do not have to use exact quotes. Feel free to make up scenes, dialogue, etc. consistent with the original story.

Resources: “So You’ve Got a Writing Assignment” (Writing Spaces):

  • “The Yellow Test” (NY Times online):
  • “Writing Narrative Essays” (OWL):
  • Evaluation:

Homework Answer on My Family in History

My family originated from India but now lives in America. This is when my grandfather moved to the United States to work in the construction of a railway road. He was hired by an American company contracted to build the railway that run through the heartland. There is a lot that happened in his life while working in America, including his decision to settle there. At this time, he was a young, energetic man.

After construction of the railway station was over, he moved into business at Stockton in California despite the prevailing racial discrimination problems. He married a young lady of Indian descent and later my father and four uncles were born. Trade amongst the Indians was highly valued as one of the main activities that earned income for many families. This essay outlines the history of my family from the first generation to the third generation, which is the current generation.

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In this section, the essay will focus on the history, family values and beliefs, and Indian traditions. Having talked about the origin of my grandfather, it is time to review historical events that took place in the past up to the present day. The events chronologically follow each other from past events to the most recent ones.