Sample Art Essays On Modern and Contemporary Style Guide

Homework Question on Modern and Contemporary Style Guide

  • Choose 3 works of art produced during the historical period of Dada, Precisionism and Surrealism.
  • Include the following identifying information:
  • Title
  • Artist
  • Date the piece was created
  • Art movement and/or style Media
  1. In your own words, write a description and analysis of each work using visual language, with terms from the elements of art and principles of design table listed below (at least 3 of the most relevant art terms per each work of art).
  2. Work to explain the trademark attributes of each style and artist.
  3. Include discussion of context in each analysis, such as how the subject and style of the artwork expresses historical, cultural, and/or biographical information.
  4. Please attached the photo that was choose for each art.
  • No more than one page.
  • One paragraph for each art.       

Homework Answer on Modern and Contemporary Style Guide

A work of art produced during the historical period of Dada is ‘ABCD’ by Raoul Hausmann in 1920 during the Dada movement, which began in Zurich in 1916. The trademark attribute of the artwork is that it was a collage, which implies that it was a collection of various writings and materials. A keen observation of the artwork reveals words such as ‘VOCE’ which is a renowned Italian word for voice and ‘MERZ’ which gives reference to the artwork of Kurt Schwitters (Richter & Britt, 1997).

The artwork leverages on the collage of words such as ‘VOCE’ and ‘MERZ’ to express cultural and historical information.The period of Precisionism also witnessed the creation of myriads of artworks such as ‘Aucassiu and Nicolette’. The work was produced by Charles Demuth in 1921 during the Precisionist movement, and it leverages on the oil on canvas medium.  The artwork depicts one of the industrial structures of the early 20th century that fueled America’s growth spurt.

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The trademark attribute of the artwork is that it was painting developed using oil. Charles Demuth used paintings such as ‘Aucassiu and Nicolette’ to express the history and culture of America, particularly in the early 20th century (Fahlman et al, 2007).