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Homework Question on Labor Market

  • Labor Market Research Project: The Labor Market is the market in which workers compete for jobs and employers compete for workers. Understanding the factors that affect the labor market of careers is an important factor in determining your stability and opportunity for growth in career fields. The purpose of this assignment is to research and compare the labor markets of 2 careers that you are interested in.
  • Part 1: Utilize career information resources to research two different occupations. (You can use FOCUS,, and
  • Feel free to use other sources, but make sure to site all sources).
  • At minimum, the following information should be included, but feel free to research other areas of interest as well:
  1. What are the qualifications of individuals in this field (include Education, Licensing/Certification, Experience, etc.)?
  2. What ‘s the average salary? What is the approximate average starting salary? Compare the salary in a couple of different cities.
  3. What is the projected growth of this career?
  • Part 2: Write a 1 page paper summarizing your conclusions. Include a references page.
  1. Describe your reactions to the information you found (surprises, concerns, challenges, etc.)
  2. How do you see your career evolving over time?
  3. Do you think this is a good career choice for you?
  4. How has going through this exercise clarified, confused, or changed your concept of a career and what kind of career will best work for you?

Homework Answer on Labor Market

The statistical guide provided for job seekers and the need them to engage in progressive careers aide them have focus when making the right choices. It is vital for these individuals to understand their shortcomings and strengths so as to foster growth and development in the fields they choose. A career in Communication and more specifically Public Relations and a second alternative on Management of Finance are on my radar.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, a Public relations Specialist should be a graduate in the journalism, business, English, communication or Public Relations disciplines similar to one in the financial management though the managers are commonly pursue accounting, commerce and other finance related courses. For Public relations specialists individuals require no prior experience compared to finance managers who need up to 5 years previous engagements in similar posts.

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The ambiguity of this is that where does one get the grounds for experience without getting the opportunities and yet the pool of unemployed individuals is enormous. A career in financial management is thus involving since one will have to wait additional five years before getting his/her dream job.