Sample Art Essays On “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

Homework Question on “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

  1. Choose a movie from the attached list. These movies are classified as “historical fiction” meaning they are based off of the lives of the artists but interpreted by the writers and directors in a literary and dramatic way. They are not documentaries that are concerned with presented completely factual information.
  2. Research the artist depicted in the movie. A good starting point is Wikipedia. You will want to know the artist’s biography, be familiar with their body of work, and appreciate the historical, period of art history, and cultural time in which the artist was living.
  3. Watch the movie.
  4. In a 2 page paper, address the following points: In the opening paragraphs summarize the plot of the movie. The literary aspects pertains to the story, dialogue and characters.
  • Was there a good story? Believable characters?
  • Did the main character change throughout the film? What was the main conflict and how was it resolved?
  • Did the story interest you? The dramatic aspects pertains to the acting, sets, locations and costumes. Were the actors good
  • Was the setting or location(s) interesting? Were there any obvious values or opinions being presented by the director in the way they depicted the main theme of the film or the way they portrayed the heroes and villains of the story?
  • Does the movie portray the artist as a skilled worker, a scientist, a priest, a creative genius, or a ruler? Give examples from the movie to support your answer.
  • How does gender influence the career of the artist? How does the movie perceive the artist’s support for making art?
  • Was it made “for art’s sake,” was their a patron or private supporter, was it market driven, tax-supported? Again, support your claim with details from the movie. The evaluation is your personal feelings about the movie. Did you enjoy the film?
  1. Would you recommend it to someone? Did your appreciation of the artist and his or her works change after viewing the film? Why?
  2. Rembrandt (1936) Lust for Life (1956) Van Gogh and Cezanne
  3. Crumb Basquiat (1996) Artemisia (1997) Gentileschi
  4. Love is the Devil (1998) Francis Bacon Pollock (2000) ,
  5. Streaming on Netflix Frida (2002) Frida Kahlo
  6. Girl with a Pearl Earring (2003)
  7. Vermeer Paradise Found (2003) Answer each questions,

Homework Answer on “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

Girl lady With a Pearl Earring recounts the story of Griet, a 16-year-old Dutch young lady who turns into a servant in the place of the painter Johannes Vermeer. Her quiet and discerning way helps her in her family obligations, as well as pulls in the painter’s consideration. Despite the fact that diverse in childhood, training and social standing, they have a comparative method for taking a gander at things. Vermeer gradually draws her into the universe of his artistic creations – the still, radiant pictures of single ladies in household settings.

As opposed to her work in her ace’s studio, Griet must cut a spot for herself in a turbulent Catholic family run by Vermeer’s unstable wife Catharina, his astute mother by marriage Maria Thins, and their wildly faithful house keeper Tanneke. Six kids (and excluding) fill the family unit, ruled by six-year-old Cornelia, a fiendish young lady who sees more than she ought to. What’s more she needs to discover her path through this new and odd life outside the cherishing Protestant family she experienced childhood in, now divided unintentionally and demise.

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As Griet gets to be a piece of her ace’s work, their developing closeness spreads disturbance and desire inside the requested family and even – as the outrage leaks out – swells on the planet beyond. Little is thought about Vermeer. There are no affirmed pictures of him, however in one of his initial works, The Procuress, a man gazes out at the viewer from the edge of the scene, which in Dutch painting of the time was frequently the craftsman himself.