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Homework Question on Casa del Herrero

  • You are to visit an interesting building in Santa Barbara. (If you are not in the Santa Barbara area, pick a distinguished building in your area; if possible, attach a photo of it to your essay or email the photo to me.)
  • Walk around the building, go into if you can and think about the design of the building and what makes it interesting to you and appealing in appearance.

For the essay,

  1. Start by identifying the building and giving it’s location.
  2. Then, describe the building briefly in your own words, using terminology you’re learned in class (identify the structural system, what is the overall style, etc.).
  3. Last, explain why you choose it and why it appeals to you, any details about the exterior and interior you think are relevant.
  • This is not a research assignment nor is it to be a history of the building.
  • This is to be based on your own observation. 400 words or 1.5 to 2 pages.
  • DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THESE THREE BUILDINGS IN SANTA BARBARA: the old Mission, the SB County Courthouse, the Arlington Theater.
  • Anyone submitting essays about one of these buildings with not receive credit for this assignment.

Homework Answer on Casa del Herrero

Casa del Herrero Casa del Herrero serves as both home and garden, and its physical location is Montecito in California, CA, near Santa Barbara. The architectural design of the building is the Spanish Colonial Revival style designed by George Washington Smith. The structure was opened in 1925 and occupies 11 acres of land. The term Casa del Herrero means the house of the blacksmith. The opening times of Casa del Herrero include mid-February to mid-November, and the visitors can only tour the building on Wednesdays and Saturdays and should book in advance for reservations.

The structural design of the building, the Spanish Colonial Revival, is one of the most common construction models in California.Throughout Santa Barbara, Casa del Herrero is one of the structures fitted with the finest fountains and tiles. However, the water found in Santa Barbra is extraordinarily hard – thus, making it a challenge to maintain the pristine finish found on the delicate tile faces. Nevertheless, the joint efforts of the public and Rosa Lowinger (a leader in art and architectural conservation) have seen the buildings’ fountains restored to the original glory.

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Casa del Herrero adheres to the Conditional Use Permit terms, the more reason why visitors should book for reservations in advance. The management should consider assigning more space to the parking lot which is very limited due to the many visitors coming to the facility.What I liked most about the building is the way the house and the garden tend to complement each other in a beautiful manner. I would urge anyone visiting the place to register as a member first and reap the benefits attached to membership.