Sample Art Essays On Art description and Analysis

Homework Question on Art description and Analysis

  • This paper will focus on one artist websites provided by instructor.  Research biographical information on this artist and select TWO works for discussion and analysis.  Give the name of the artist, the title, date and medium of the works of art you have chosen. Identify the theme.
  • Getty Research Institute Open Content Website:
  • an online museum located through Google’s art project website

Begin your essay with brief biographical information on your artist.  You will then provide detailed visual analysis of two works: you will discuss the style, the subject matter, and interpretations of the art.

  • Refer to the following CHECKLIST:
  1. Who is the artist
  2. Biographical information on the artist
  3. The medium (materials) employed
  4. How the artist constructs meaning through use of visual elements (describe)
  5. What is the subject of the work(s) and why was it chosen by the artist?
  6. Why was this work(s) made? What is the value of this work to the culture in which it was produced?

Homework Answer on Art description and Analysis

Robert Adams

He was born in New Jersey, 1937.  He graduated with a BA from the University of California and later attained PhD in English from the University of Southern California (Art 21). Robert Adams believed that art was distinguishable from politics in that the former could inhabit different positions effectively. He is a renowned environmentalist who used photography to present art, which he did in black and white images.

One professional photographer, Robert Frank asserted, “black and white are the colors in photography” (Beck 2015). Robert has adhered to this despite the fact that color photography has become famous among many artists (Cameron 16).Adam’s photographs are self-effacingly sized and have been published in books in a traditional photography format (Miwon 10). The photographs are in most cases tangled on light gray wall and reflect the grim formalism of figures and objects.

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He has continued to represent art despite arguments by the postmodern philosophy that laments photography as a way of presenting art is a suspect gossipmonger and does not represent the truth (Bright 45). Adam has disputed this and other curators who have affirmed that Adam’s art work represent the whole truth (Thompson 18).