Sample Art Essay Paper on Website Statement

Cemre Yildiz is a Turkish aged 23 years old who came to United States to fulfill one of her childhood dreams, to become an artist. The field of art is liked by many. Art is a tool for disseminating valuable cultural information to the people. Many people, her include like abstract art. This style of composition uses objects to convey hidden messages to the objects. Significantly, abstract art leaves the audience to decipher and interpret messages according to their perceptions. Moreover, pop art has been there in United States for a long time. Pop art goes hand in hand with cultural objects and messages. According to this style of art, culture can be described as ideals that instill values and beliefs to individuals and can be passed from one generation to another. In her view, art is the instrument that artists use to instill such values. In regards to pop art, she looks up to Andy Warhol. Distinctively, Yildiz has interest in written art such as poems. Fundamentally, she likes reading poems by Nazim Hikmet Ran and specially moved by his lyrical flow of statements. Similarly, works by Cemal Sureya also interests Yildiz much especially how he dissects the theme of erotic love that heavily features on most of his works.  Pop art uses common objects, things that people use and see daily to communicate certain cultural messages to the audience. For that, Yildiz desire to pursue pop art because it is a style that composes artworks that is easily understandable. It is easy to practice printmaking once an individual has shown interest in pop art. When blend together she will not only be a renowned artist in future but also a commercial illustrator just like Warhol. As part of her style, Yildiz prefer using black colors in most of her works; however, she desires to blend more colors to produce exciting masterpieces. Her family has been there to support all education and artistic dreams. She believes that her artworks will transverse and communicate cultural messages not only in New York but also throughout the globe. Her admiration does not only end with Andy Warhol as a pop artist but also Frida Kahlo Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Paul Cèzanne and Wassily Kandinsky among others.