Sample Art Essay Paper on Organs Support Movement

The lungs are the organs responsible for respiration. The lungs take in air rich in oxygen characteristic with life and buoyancy. When the lungs fill up with air, they resemble inflated balloons which seem to celebrate life. When exhaling, the balloon-like organs become flaccid as if in grief and suffering. The primary role of the lungs is to facilitate gaseous exchange. The blood from the lungs is rich in oxygen. Blood returning to the lungs carries carbon dioxide (Balaban, 60)

The heart is the organ responsible for blood circulation across the body the heart is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships. The heart generates warmth and compassion. The heart is kind and authentic. It demonstrates high levels of awareness and generosity. The heart has a close association with the hands and eyes. The primary role of the heart is to pump enriched blood to the cells around the body. When the heart is supported, blood flows freely. If the heart is disturbed, it interrupts the flow (Balaban, 56).

The liver is the largest organ in the body. The liver demonstrates high tenacity, power, and stability. The liver has the strength to endure severe conditions in the body. The liver expresses high alertness and conviction in implementing its role. The primary function of the organ is metabolism and detoxification. The liver processes nutrients absorbed in the digestive system and filter harmful substances.  (Balaban,58).

The lungs, liver and the heart are all symbolic of power, determination, and sustainability. If the organs receive full support, they work efficiently and ensure the body is in balance. The organs demonstrate the capacity to stretch to sustain body functions. In dancing, the organs must stretch to facilitate for movement. At some point, the body exerts all pressure and stress to an organ. They all reflect endurance and power.

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