Sample Art Essay Paper on Global Photograph

Global Photograph

Globalization has become fundamental to the social, political, and economic growth in the world today. It refers to the process through which people, companies and governments of different nations interact and integrate. The photograph below is a clear illustration of globalization:

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In the photo, there is an interaction of people from diverse backgrounds and races, and through this, it suggests globalization. The races included in the photograph include Indians, Far East Asians, Latin Americans, Whites and Blacks.

The photograph suggests that the diverse races and cultures have been brought together through a learning process. The presence of various flags also indicates the existence of people from different nations or cultures in the perceived educational setting. The latter together with other factors such as international trade, investment and sports activities have influenced the globalization seen in the world today.

The suggestion of globalization in the photograph is not only observed in the fact that people from different races have been brought together but also their peaceful coexistence. Smiles and happiness are evident in the faces of the individuals in the photo, and this indicates peaceful coexistence, which is a product of globalization. Factors that are detrimental to globalization such as war or violence are not seen in the photograph. Besides, there is an integration of males and females, an indication that gender discrimination is not practiced in the context of the photograph. Arguably, the fact that the individuals in the photograph have a similar way of dressing implicates that they must have exchanged or learned various cultures. In real life situations, the dressing culture in one race is different from another, although they are brought together as seen in the photograph through the process of globalization.