Sample Art Essay Paper on Aesthetic Experience

Aesthetic Experience

Classmate 1

According to the post by classmate 1, beauty and aesthetic experience are an expression of art, history, and language. Classmate 1 considers that Humanities seeks to identify the expression of human beings in an artistic way. As a result, human beings can be easily distinguished from beasts and other creatures. However, the integration of beauty and aesthetics helps make the expression of human beings stand out the more.

In addition, the humanities also integrate aesthetics in the chronology of human beings and the far that humankind has come. The development of language that defines the progress of human beings over the years is attained by specific languages used in the process and the expression that makes it easier for the audience to understand what is being communicated. Aesthetics becomes part of the language being used in communication.

Classmate 2

According to classmate 2, aesthetic experience and beauty are some of the elements that define the recording and narration of humankind history over the years. Humanities, in itself, is  a process that defines and records the everyday lives of people while connecting others with the past to act as a guide in better decisions and approaches. The development and integration of standards/ measures that are necessary for the progression of humankind also help depict the beauty and aesthetic experience of the everyday lives of human beings. History presents a record of peoples of the past, and the narration of their lives sets a new approach in life and measures to develop the human race. The philosophy helps distinguish the right and the wrong while providing a guideline to be used in evaluating the far the human race has come and some of the extents to which the past continue to influence growth.