Sample Art Essay Paper on 8th Lord Arundell of Wardour

8th Lord Arundell of Wardour

This paper provides a visual description of 8th Lord Arundell of Wardour painting done by Sir Joshua Reynolds. The painting of 8th Lord Arundell of Wardour is a splendid full-length portrait of an elegantly dressed nobleman (8th Lord Arundell of Wardour 1). The painting captures a noble man with his peer’s robes; a crown resting on the parapet, one of his hand supported by the wooden structure and the other hand hidden in a magnificent caftan.

The painter used different colors in a manner that projects perfect harmony. Light blue and light green colors have been used to bring a cool tone in the surrounding environment and the sky in the background. A sense of peacefulness and serenity has been brought out through perfect combination of warm and cool colors in the painting. The portrait of the man, which is colored with brighter colors has a clear outline because of the dark background created by the artist.

The colors used in the painting are clear, brilliant, and extremely appealing to the eye. The outer part of the gentleman’s robe is colored in a dark brownish red, and the inner side of the robe colored creamy white. Paint has been used carefully to whiten the face and arms, darken the eyebrows, and curve out the cheeks and lips, in a manner that brings out a man’s figure. The man’s hair is colored white and the face brown.

The sky is visible on the top right side of the painting. The background is colored with dark color in order to bring out the man’s head clearly in the background. The foreground where the man’s shoes fall is painted brighter and clearer to bring out the aspect of distance. A shadow of an object, which is not in the painting has been captured in the foreground to indicate the presence of light source from the foreground.

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