Sample Art Capstone Project Paper on Our Ever Changing World through Globalization

Our Ever Changing World through Globalization

Communication in the world today is rapidly changing due to the impact of social media influence. The application of new internet technologies through social media websites has significantly changed the way people communicate and interact with each other be it a personal, corporate or government level. The main issue that this capstone project is designed to address is the global impact of social media on communication. The project will start by giving an elaborate understanding of social by considering its definition and forms among other elements (Graham, Dutton & Castells, 2014).

According to Noor and Hendricks (2012), social is the use of internet technologies to create and exchange content for the purpose of passing down some form of communications. Besides definition, the research will discuss the process of generating social media content and understanding the responsible entity. Many forms of social media will be considered in this capstone project including Facebook, Google plus, twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace among others. Every day, many people, including the young and the old, are influenced by these social media sites through their direct participations (Graham, Dutton & Castells, 2014).

According to Lee and Ma (2012), the influence of social media extends beyond communications and interactions by individual into government, corporations, organizations, as well as business communities. The capstone project will determine specifically the use and influence of social media influence communication and interactions by individuals, governments, organizations, corporations, as well as business communities. The research will also discuss some general negative as well as positive impacts on special media on global communication. Some of the negative impacts that will be considered include transformed socio-political practices, timely and effective interactions, and ability to stay connected among others. Some of the negative impacts that will be considered include a false sense of connection, decreased productivity, and decreased privacy amongst others (Duhe, 2007).


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