Sample Art Article Review Paper on Media Events

Media Events

            The selected artists are Nick Couldry, Andreas Hepp, Daniel Dayan, Eric Rothenbuhler, and Elihu Katz. The artists share the passion of integrating communication and media. Though they are of different historical levels, they have made valuable contributions to the field of media events. According to Dayan and Katz, media event is referred to as the involvement in the studies of media and communications. Through this study, various cultures of social science have been collected (Hepp 327). The main objective of this study is to create a new experience of broadcasting. There are various methods of studying media. There is the average production, which has commonly been applied in the research on existing cultures and societies. The artists have introduced a new perception; the anthropological study. This new approach emphasizes on particular and distinctive customary observance in communication (Dayan and Katz 1). From Weber’s ideal forms of authority, the authors categorized media events, such as contest, conquest, and coronation.

According to Hepp (320), the main objective of studying media is to enhance understanding of the ritual features and their role in the incorporation of social order. According to Rothenbuhler (79), this form of media study is referred to as “mediated rituals.” Couldry refers to the methodology applied by Dayan and Katz as a neo-Durkheimian. In this methodology, television plays a significant role of sharing the experience of watching events within a society (Couldry 61). These perspectives highlight media events as a social integration. Young artists, such as Rothenbuhler have made invaluable contribution to the primary approach of studying media. Rothenbuhler (84) applies the universal collective communication representation and the analytical approach. This is clear in the artists’ work (Rothenbuhler 84). Hence, through their perspectives, media events have been appreciated as a social belief among the Americans.

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