Sample Argumentative Essays On Sustainable Dubai

Homework Question on Sustainable Dubai

Urban region to be studied:


Research questions:

  1. What is Dubai’s energy architecture?
  2. What is special about its energy sector?
  3. What is Dubai’s energy vision?
  4. What can be done to improve?


The research will mainly use literature review, data analysis, and comparative study with selected cities to assess Dubai’s sustainability performance, and put forward policy/project suggestions.

The framework of the the paper and methods which will be used are as follows.

  1.  Dubai initiatives and performance in the energy strategy and actions. Refer to the regulatory and supervisory bureau (RSB)
  2. Dubai’s electricity and water regulator for goals and projects. Also mention Masdar city as a case in terms of its design as a sustainable city.

Homework Answer on Sustainable Dubai

The energy sector in Dubai is one of the pillars that support the green economy initiative engineered towards sustainable development. There are genuine efforts towards approaching necessary sustainability taking place in various sectors to boosts the economy of Dubai. Under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid AlMaktoum, various initiates have been launched to ensure a sustainable green energy economy in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The initiative has been propelled under the slogan “A Green Economy for Sustainable Development”. This initiative seeks to get reliable sources of energy that are environmental friendly based on low carbon emission model. According to State of Energy report (2014), “UAE Vision 2021 supports initiatives to catalyze more sustainable use of energy and to be instrumental in the battle against climate change” p.24

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The creation of Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy (DIES) was a key step in fostering the green energy program (O’Sullivan, 2009). Efficient management of energy is key factor in ensuring sustainability of energy in the region. There are set targets established to ensure that the project of creating sustainable energy supply is met. By 2020 and 2030, renewable energy sources are expected to give 1% and 5% of energy demanded (Expo 2020). The initiative was launched in 2012 with a pilot solar initiative which intends to offer reasonable input to the national grid.