Sample Argumentative Essays On Global Wine Industry

Homework Question on Global Wine Industry


  1. The question that this essay will discuss is whether the French are still dominating the global wine industry. This essay will attempt to argue both sides of the argument and will conclude with a stronger case whether for or against the proposed thesis.
  2. Statistical data will be interpreted and global trends will be analysed to answer the question. The essay will examine the importance of Terroir and its relevance to France’s leading position.
  3. To counter the argument, the progress of New World countries in viticulture will be explored. This essay will consider the Chinese obsession with French wine and the image that French Viticulture has built for itself. AOC benchmark will be discussed to examine its influence on the Success of France as a winemaking nation.

Homework Answer on Global Wine Industry


The French wine industry is of great significance to the global wine market, given the country’s long history in viticulture, trading, and research and development (R & D) in wine. As of 2010, France accounted for 16.2% of the global wine production, or the equivalent of 4.6 billion litres (Euromonitor International 2012). However, emerging wine producers, such as the United States, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, and Australia are gaining ground, in effect threatening France’s dominance in the global wine market (Euromonitor International 2012).

Accordingly, the essay seeks to answer the question: Are the French still dominating the global wine industry? The essay shall endeavour to examine facts that support France’s claim as a dominant force in the global wine industry, as well as facts to discredit this claim. To answer the question, statistical data and global trends will be interpreted and analysed. An attempt will also be made to assess the significance of terroir and its relevance to France’s position as a leader in the global wine industry.

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As a counter-argument to this position, the essay shall also examine the progress that has been made by the New World producers in the viticulture realm. The rising demand for French wine by the Chinese, who view it as a status symbol, shall also be examined, and the image attached to the French wine.