Sample Argumentative Essays On Astrophil and Stella Sonnet

Homework Question on Astrophil and Stella Sonnet

  1. Write about sidney first two sonnets of his called ( Astrophil and Stella )
  2. Write about how they contrast with each other to give the reader conflicting ideas about the upcoming love sonnets which might in turn gives us an idea of what love is like for sidney ….
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Homework Answer on Astrophil and Stella Sonnet


The sonnet was founded in the 14th century by Petrarch in Italy. This was set to be a major kind of love poetry. In the 16th century, the sonnet was embraced in Spain, France, and England.  The sonnet was centered on romantic discipline. The sonneteer was committed to an over-towering anxiety of the self. The concept of the self-referred to the mistress, friend and familial relations.

Background information to Sidney’s sonnets

Astrophil and Stella comprises of 108 sonnets and 11 songs.  This makes Sidney’s sonnets to be the longest line in Elizabethan sonnet cycle.  A majority of the sonnets in Astrophil and Stella were impacted by the Petrarchan convections. The traditional strategies in sonnet writing were used. This include practices such as speaking to the moon, sleep’ and dream’s world.

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Moreover, the absence of a loved lady would be mourned. This would be done by appreciating her beauty while lamenting her coldness and the un reciprocated love so dearly held by the man in question. On the other hand, the lover and man whose love in unappreciated would always highlight the feelings and longings that caused him frustrations. Sidney portrays varied feelings and emotions in different sonnets (Cousins and Peter 120).  This is done within the limits of vagueness of the agony of love unappreciated while maintaining the theme of the narrative.