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Homework Question on Savannah, Georgia

  • Write a five section paper about savannah (georgia, savannah)
  • About its  history ,culture ,art(mention climate  fashion and photography)
  • No conclusion needed

Homework Answer on Savannah, Georgia

Savannah is the oldest town, which was established in the state of Georgia in 1733 along the Savannah River during the British colonial era. The town was named after the Savannah River, and the original settlers were the Native Americans. The Indian traders permitted the British settlers in the area, and the British opted to settle in Savannah where they established the Royal Colony base. The British made Savannah the capital of Georgia, which later became the capital center of Georgia State before being overtaken by Atlanta in 1868. Savannah experienced a rapid growth in the 1850s due to rise in foreigners-born whites, as well as free African-Americans (192). The presence of the seaport made the city to become a gleaming center of both military and economic activities.

A city that emerged through art is bound to express its cultural inheritance. The formal neoclassical architecture, as well as the festivities by local students of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), tends to be the main points of reference in the grand historic town. The Department of Affairs in Georgia has arranged several festivals that are held yearly in Savannah. Some of the festivals include Black Heritage, Asian Cultural Festival, Philharmonic’s Picnic, and Jazz Festival, among others. Savannah Ballet Theater, which was instituted in 1998, has risen to become the biggest dance organization in the city. The city is also home to several music genres that brace its entertainment joints and theaters.

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Savannah is perceived to nurture some of the best urban designs globally. The city is home to some of the oldest public museums, which include the Telfair Museum Art, as well as the historic King-Tisdell Cottage. Others include the SCAD Museum of Art and the Wormsloe Historic Site. The colonial mansions and attractive squares make Savannah boast of its past with delight and elegance. Theater performances and dance music depict the level of art and culture in Savannah. Additionally, historic homes, churches, cemeteries, and forts, are some of the artistic structures that illustrate the architectural designs of the city.