Sample Architecture Paper on The University of Kansas

My passion and determination to study at the University of Kansas was majorly driven by the institution’s mission to instill professional skills to students aspiring to pursue design, building, and planning technology. The institution’s firm determination to bring the best in students motivates me to pursue the course and build on my careers. Their mission is focused on preparing graduates who are critical thinkers and crisis solvers who will in the future serve, enhance, and keep going their professions and communities. Graduates from this school are well known for their design expertise, environmental investigation skills, and memory of architectural knowledge and construction. I am more than prepared to pursue my dream course and build on my career that will change my life for the better.

In the department of design, the school offers firm foundation which is focused on the area of design views and revelations to come up with beautiful, inventive solutions which improve the quality of daily life. The department also has a core of design research which conducts research for many companies including Garmin International, Sprint among others. In line with all these, it also offers a course known as Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. The course is specialized in graphic and computer graphics, visual communication design, and photo media. Also, the department also offers Master of Arts degrees in communication design, organization design, and ecological design. In the planning department, the University offers a Master of Urban Planning degree. The course puts a lot emphasis on policy planning and study in the framework of a city environment. Graduates from this course are well equipped in analyzing, creating and also implementing policies at all the levels of jurisdiction.

In every department, each Faculty is composed of globally skilled scholars and practitioners whom they explored from various penal backgrounds and points of view. The number of students per class is relatively smaller, not more than 100 individuals, but from all over the world. This type student’s composition and their size create a close, engaged education environment where students thrive and learn. The primary academic objective of each department, particularly in the doctoral program is to prepare professional and researchers wishing to teach at the graduate levels. The graduates from the doctoral program are also expected to conduct professional research, design, and policy for personal or public institutions such as design and planning firms, corporations and government agencies. Students’ research at the doctoral level will study details how the different aspects of design and planning are likely to donate to more livable and sustainable environment and Kansas Society, the Spain and the nation at large.

In future, graduates with a degree in architecture, design, or planning can work for expert architecture, landscape, building, and design firms. These are a position which typically needs time in the office and also in the field working with customers to design, construct and certify plans. Considering all these, one should not miss this great opportunity of joining the University of Kansas for a career building. The University is an international architecture, design, and planning, with a modest number of students coming from all over the world. At the University one will not only develop his or her skills in particular chosen subjects, but will enjoy the beautiful area in Southern Spain at the same time.