Sample Architecture Paper On The Sydney Opera House

Homework Question on Inspiration and Motivation behind an Iconic Architecture: the Sydney Opera House

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Homework Answer on Inspiration and Motivation behind an Iconic Architecture: the Sydney Opera House


Works of architecture, like all art, are inspired and motivated by several factors, including utility (i.e. functionality) and aesthetics. However, the main question is why an architect chooses to design a building a certain way and not another. This is a question of both context (such as the culture of the people in the environment where it is erected and how this should influence certain aspects of its design) and feasibility (that is, the mathematical attainability of the design without compromising other key elements, most importantly stability).

However, besides these, there is also the aspect of the personality of the architect (the designer). The same factors did play a role in the design and construction of the Sydney Opera House, including the general principles by which Jorn Utzon (the designer) grounds his work. This paper examines these elements and how they manifest in this iconic building.

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The Sydney Opera House (SOH) in Sydney (Australia) is regarded as one of the greatest works of architecture today. It has therefore become one of the most iconic buildings of the modern world. To get designers for the work, the Australian government set up the International Competition for a National Opera House at Bennelong Point, Sydney. The results were announced on 29 January 1957, with Jorn Utzon- relatively unknown until then- emerging the winner (Commonwealth of Australia, 2006; Mikami 2001).