Sample Architecture Paper on Influences of Ancient Architecture

Influences of Ancient Architecture

Architecture is the science and the art of designing physical structures and buildings. Architecture has been evolving during the Greco-Roman period, and each of these structures has its influence during different periods (Hodne, 2020). This paper will discuss architectural work from Apollo Belvedere’s statute and  Emperor Nero’s Golden house.

Apollo Belvedere is a seven-foot statute representing Apollo, the god of music and art from Greek. The work has also been referred to as Pythian Apollo. Apollo killing a mythical python in Delphi, Apollo Belvedere’s sculptor, later influenced the beginning of neoclassicism and also became an enlightenment icon. This work was done by a Greek sculptor, Leochares, from the pure Bronze during the 4th century (Hodne, 2020). The result became part of the Greek collection. after it was discovered in 1489.

Emperor Nero built the famous Domus Aurea, the Golden house after Rome was on fire and swept a significant part of the downtown. The massive destruction made Nero inherit precious real estate for his building interests. Emperor Nero’s interest to live more substantially spurred a revolution in architecture in Rome. Later, Architect Celer and Severus built a grand palace for emperor Nero. The castle had dining rooms, courtyards, a fountain, and arcades (Resano,2021). The Golden House is outstanding since it led to the use of concrete in the architecture industry by using concrete in new and creative ways, unlike Apollo Belvedere’s sculptor, which used marble common among the Greeks and Romans.

The architectural revolution has increased the availability of new physical structures and buildings in different materials. These materials may include; steel, iron, concrete, and glass. These new ideas and skills result from ancient discoveries in the Greco-Roman period.



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