Sample Architecture Essays On The Infrastructure Construction Process

Homework Question on The Infrastructure in the Construction Process

  1. Explain the purpose of the various parts of the infrastructure required to support the construction process

Homework Answer on The Infrastructure in the Construction Process

Construction is a process that involves the creation and establishment of infrastructural facilities in a given area or region. Levy (2010) opines that the process is gradual, and its successful completion involves planning, design, as well as financing. Moreover, the provision of support to the construction process depends on various parts of infrastructure such as road networks, water supply networks, and electrical grids. Soft infrastructure such as financial systems also plays a crucial role in supporting the construction process.

Road networks allow the transportation of construction facilities and equipment to and from construction sites (Levy, 2010, p 13). Some of the facilities transported through road networks include blocks, ballast, bags or cement, as well as laborers. Without good road networks, the construction process may be compromised.Hamilton (2004) is of the opinion that water supply networks facilitate the distribution and supply of water to construction sites. Water is a key component in the construction process. It facilitates the mixing of components such as sand, cement, and concrete during construction.

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Hamilton (2004) adds that electrical grids are important parts of infrastructure involved in the construction process. They facilitate the supply and distribution of electrical power in construction sites. Electrical energy or power supports the construction process through pumping of water, lighting, welding purposes, and others.Financial systems form part of the soft infrastructure that is crucial during the construction process (Levy, 2010). They facilitate the purchase of materials, payment of workers or laborers on construction sites, and the repair and maintenance of structures and facilities in construction sites.