Sample Architecture Essays On Importance Of Light

Homework Question on how light is important in architecture

I want you to open a link in the bottom of the page and read only ” Part I ”

  1. I need you to write 2 paragraphs or 3 that’s related to the light in Architecture and make  a summary of what you read.
  2. Basically, try to summarize part I and write about how light is important in architecture. I mean by light is the natural light which is the sun.
  • Please use very simple language
  • Here is the link that has the book read from page 15 – 37

        Homework Answer on how light is important in architecture

Wisdom of body plays a critical role in the building design. Buildings must correlate with the language and wisdom of the body. If they do not relate, they end up being isolated in the cool and distant realms of visions. For instance, people passing by a building acquire visual impression which they like, dislike or have certain feeling pertaining to that building. Since buildings are a crucial part of the national heritage, they are historically significant.

Most philosophers consider eyes as a prototype to construction. They are prominence figures among other body’s sensory organs. Currently, visual power is a major sociable sense in the technological culture. Philosophers suggest that epistemological privileging of vision is fundamental in understanding matters of self and the world. In architecture, light domesticates unlimited space and endless time to the dialects of the internal and external environment.

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The art of eye is the central to imaginations in planning, design and construction of buildings.Ocular thinking would not be achieved without the availability of light. The discernment and manipulation of light go beyond the heart of the architecture enterprise. In fact, architecture knowledge cannot be grasped without bringing the concept of light, especially the natural light. Light is not just a physical means to enhance visualization of interior and exterior material form of the building.