Sample Architecture, Building and Planning Essay Summary on the Infrastructure in the Construction Process

The Infrastructure in the Construction Process

Construction involves creating and establishing facilities in a location or region. The construction process is gradual and involves aspects such as planning, financing and design. The provision of construction process support depends on various infrastructure parts such as roads, electric grids and water supply networks. Soft infrastructure, particularly the fiscal systems also play important roles in construction process support. Road networks aid in transportation of equipment and facilities (Levy, 2010). Some such as ballast, blocks, cement and laborers are transported via road networks hence the construction process can be hampered in the absence of good road networks. Since water is also an essential facility for mixing purposes, the availability of a water supply system should be emphasized before take -off of the process (Hamilton, 2004). Components such as cement, sand and concrete have to be mixed during the construction process hence the need for water.

Electrical power is also important in the construction process since it helps in lighting, water pumping and welding among other operations. Electrical grids therefore are an important infrastructure in construction. Financial systems on the other hand facilitate material purchase as well as labor payment and repair and maintenance of structures in the construction. The systems thus form part of the crucial soft systems required in construction. The availing of support to any process of construction depends on various infrastructure components such as electrical grids, road networks, and financial systems. All the mentioned parts are crucial for the completion of any process of construction.




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