Sample Architecture, Building and Planning Coursework Paper Summary on Satisfying Performance Attribute

Satisfying Performance Attribute

In software design, one of the key challenges faced is selecting a design that can satisfy all the attributes successfully. Consideration of the objectives of the design is therefore an important step in the design process. Choosing system architecture precedes the selection of the system design since a wrong architecture can result in time losses. There are various software architectures that can be used. The architecture pattern chosen is critical for the solution of recurring problems through identification of generic solutions (Graham, 2010). Architecture patterns are also important as they help the software designer to understand the possible consequences of choosing the pattern before implementation. In this way, there can be no software development before fully understanding the possible consequences of the design selected. Architecture patterns are qualitative as the architects have to analyze the results rigorously before implementation (Ashby, 2012).

Motivation of workers in the work place is important for improving productivity. Allowing workers to participate in the design of the work place is one of the ways through which employees can be motivated. Furthermore, using Face book enables workers to not only identify comfortable office designs but also allows them to practice self discipline and time management on their own. They can engage in various activities while also creating time for face to face meetings to foster innovation. This can help them to manage their time and subsequently to manage their productivity. Service Oriented Architecture has been found to be effective in addressing various challenges that result from the use of other architectural designs. This is because of several advantages. For instance, it is reliable since it can transmit undependable messages. On the other hand, it also has some shortcomings such as increased costs in case of network delays.





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