Sample Application Letter Paper on Personal Philosophy of Success

Achieving success is a process that does not just come by accident or luck, it requires personal planning of life and taking each step at a time carefully while maintaining focus and goals (Khiat 48). Planning requires strategies in place that one can work with and do the personal assessment at a time to examine one’s movement.

As a person, I have applied management as the first priority and this entails management of my own time, management of the resources that I have including money to ensure maximum utilization of the little available for me. Since I was young, I account for everything I have; I don’t want to take anything for granted. Even my toys and books didn’t ever lose them. I also ensure self-discipline where I do what is right not because someone is after me but because I want to do the right thing (Downing 7). Self-motivation is another strategy I apply and will always do. This is because people have the different view of things and others might discourage me along the way especially when things are hard (Khiat 48). However, I should be the first and the last person to motivate myself knowing that I will be always doing the right things. It is high who knows and understand my goals in life, therefore, will not allow anyone to make any turn in my life.

Self-awareness will be part of my daily activity. This is where I will be assessing myself to see where I have reached my goals, whether I am progressing on well or not. For example every end of term n school I assess my performance to see if I reached where I purposed at the beginning. I will also participate often in writing of journals and this will help me to keep my records well and to also learn about others. It will keep me updated and help me to learn as well (Downing 13). College life has been of great importance to my life such as attending lecturers, reading assignments, group discussions and research for I have learned important skills that will enhance my life such as effective writing, note taking, as well as study skills. This will enhance my quality of life in that I will be able to study, attend conferences and seminars that will motivate me and improve on my steps towards my goals. It will also help me understand the work of others by reading their works and journals.

I will always take personal responsibility for my own life. For example I have been reading a lot of books about people and I admire to be like them and things they used to avoid in life such as bad company. Will always have creator mindset and avoid victim mindset as much as possible (Khiat 55). I will always own up the mistakes that I commit in life accept them, learn and move on. I will always believe in myself and will not allow anyone to look down upon me in anyway irrespective of age.

Learning will always be part of me because there is change. I will always make important use of the college lecture notes. I will always make use of the advice and counseling that I received in college from colleagues and the teachers. Will be a good stress manager and not being emotional (Downing 8). When I am stressed will always encourage myself and do handle things in a sober manner so that I do not ruin anything or those near me.

In conclusion, success strategies are started in school by learning from teachers and colleagues and knowing the area of interest in life so that one concentrates in making it satisfactorily. Therefore, I am the one who knows what I want and will work towards it by motivating myself.

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