Sample Anthropology Term Paper Summary on How Muslim Americans can Help in the Counter Jihadist Propaganda

How Muslim Americans can Help in the Counter Jihadist Propaganda

With the pretext that there is an anti- Islam crusade, Jihadist Muslims have been driving other Muslims towards providing support for their actions. The extremists even go against the Muslims who have worked in various Western spheres. The main mode of interaction used by the extremists is through division of other Muslims. By painting the modern, westernized Muslims as counter Islam, the extremists create a wedge between the medieval Muslims and the modern Muslims (American Muslims in the United States, 2011).

It is thus necessary for the American Muslims to help in countering the Jihadist propaganda through initiation of other teachings that are not extremist. It is possible for Muslim leaders to influence other Muslims through changed teachings. This is essential since the propagandists use social media and other internet platforms to influence others, especially the youth. It is through this media that countries with significant Muslim populations face the vulnerability to terror attacks due to the incitement of the extremists. Such has been the case of the Islamist State of Syria.

American Muslims can help to spread the messages of tolerance of peace which is advocated for in Islam. The key challenge is that most Muslims have had the Quran translated and interpreted for them without the advantage of reading it for them. This has led to misconception that the Islamic teachings advance the need for Jihads against the non-Muslims. Organizations such as the North American FIQH Council can help advance the positive aspects of Islam. This includes tolerance for all religions. The council also creates awareness of the prohibition of association with terrorists (Maden, 2001). The council gives positive messages to Muslims to counter the extremist teachings given to them by propagandists.


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