Sample Anthropology Paper On Gender Identities

Homework Question on Gender Identities in relation to Globalization

  1. Identify a problem that is important and relevant in today’s Globalization make a plan for your research project that will be based on this research proposal, then write a proposal.
  2. Mention the 4 sources that you will interview in depth for the research, these can be friends, family, colleagues etc etc.

Homework Answer on Gender Identities in relation to Globalization

Globalization refers the process of integrating the economic, social, political, technological, and cultural aspects across the global perspective. Globalization has led to an array of issues and changes that are spread over ideologies, philosophies, ethics, politics, and industrial evolution are some of the attributes associated with globalization (Robinson 321). Globalization can be traced back to the 20th century where the world started integrating in its operations and several outcomes have been cited.

Gender identities are one of the issues that are attributed to contribution and it has attracted a lot of debate all over the world. The roles of male and females in the social construct have taken a new leaf attracting several arguments. Therefore, this research aims at discussing whether gender identities in relation to globalization affect production in terms of economy, socio-cultural such as human rights and political sphere.

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The research will commence by defining globalization and gender identities providing a brief history of the two theories. This will be cemented by highlighting brief feminist and male approached to the issue of gender identity and their contribution to globalization. The thesis statement of the research aims at looking at how gender has affected human production .Therefore, credible primary sources are required in order to get a clear picture of the evolution of gender identities.