Sample Anthropology Paper On Educating Jordanian Women

Homework Question on Anthropology Paper On Educating Jordanian Women

Required textbooks

Adely, Fida. (2012). Gendered paradoxes: Educating Jordanian women in nation, faith and progress. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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  • Be analytical or reflective, explain and support your opinions.
  • Whenever possible, incorporate ideas from discussions and readings.

Some sample topics will be suggested in class. Here are some suggested starting points:

  • The most important ideas in this reading (lecture, video) were… because ….
  • Some limitations and problems I see are . . .
  • A new insight I gained from this reading (class, video) is . . .
  • Some questions this raises for me are . . .

You may refer to course materials informally, but when you refer to other resources please use a consistent reference format.

Homework Answer on Anthropology Paper On Educating Jordanian Women

In 2005, research done by the World Bank established that despite the fact that women in Jordan are well educated as they have been provided with equal chances with men to acquire education by their government, it is ironic how these educated women do not secure many jobs in their country and many end up as care givers with very high birth rates. This scenario came to be described as the“gender paradox” by the World Bank (Adely, 2012).

According to the World Bank, this is not the way to go as far as participation of women in the economic development and progress is defined by this agency and therefore concludes that Jordanian women are being oppressed. In her book on Gendered Paradox, Fida Adely responded to these allegations. To do this, she embarked on a mission to find out what young girls in one of the High schools in Jordan had to say about education in their Muslim country.

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This research took her 15 months of her time to come up with the findings. The research sought to understand the education dynamics of Jordan state such as the expectations of the laws governing the education system as well as the perceptions of the young girls and their families and also their understanding of progress and development.