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Homework Question on Trobriand Cricket

  • Watch the  two movies. Please reflect your opinion.
  1. First film.
  2. Second film.

Homework Answer on Trobriand Cricket

Trobriand Cricket

Trobriand Cricket is a documentary on anthropology that depicts the distinctive innovations made by the Trobriand Islanders Community to the game of cricket. Despite the fact the film was not clear as what we are used today, I was still able to understand this historical footage. I managed to observe the cricket match perfectly and the narration made the story not only thought-provoking, but also entertaining to watch.  It was clear through the video that the Trobriand Islanders brought about some social change with the new way in which they played cricket.

To many people, cricket may seem as a proper game, but the individuals on this video have transformed my outlook of it all since they used it for tribal rivalry and warfare something which I did not expect.However, as an anthropologist, it is important to understand the reasons why some communities behave in a certain way. This community challenged me both culturally and socially because they used this type of game to measure several things. Socially, they used cricket for inter-village competition whereby those involved danced and chanted something which I found entertaining.

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There are rules which have to be followed by those involved which is similar to what we see in every games/sports today. On the other hand, culturally, cricket is a way of life used for mocking warfare and engaging in tribal rivalry.It was more intriguing and interesting to see that the producer of this historical documentary decided to contrast the ways in which two communities play cricket. There is the British style and the colonization ideas. The ball and bat both exists in these two cultures, however, among the Trobriand islanders, they perform some sort of war magic to win against their opponents something which I saw as unfair.