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Homework Question on The Art of the Gut

  • Read and Analyze .Please i don’t want plagiarism and this is a 400 level class so please do your best in illustrating the understanding of these readings below.
  • For the sources please use the sources from the readings below please. Reading: LeBlanc, Robin. The Art of the Gut: Manhood, Power, and Ethic in Japanese Politics.
  • Front matter, Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 (beginning of book to page 94).

Homework Answer on The Art of the Gut

The book is an overt ethnography that analyzes the lives and accounts of two Japanese men who are different in various ways. The two men are aspiring to indulge in politics from diverse societies and are both resolute to succeed. One of the men is already a leader (a referendum movement initiated by the populace). The other man is hoping to ride on the shadow of a father who was a local assembly leader.

Blanc is exploring the diverse notions postulated by the two men and what they will be offering once in leadership positions. The book explains what a ‘good’ man is expected to be, and gives a demonstration of how the essential desires to be that ‘good’ man constrains the political choices.Correspondingly, being the ‘good’ man is an encouragement to become an agent of viable ethical practices expected of someone in a leadership position.

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The result of such initiatives is a vivacious and updated picture of the administrative system of Japan today. The party-administrative system is portrayed as dominated by males with few women indulging in the political world. The book further explains a connection that exists between gender identities and ethical behaviors expected of a politician. The male-dominated political sphere is maligned with economic inequalities pitting those with power and against power.