Sample Anthropology Essays On Sworn Virgins of Albania

Homework Question on Sworn Virgins of Albania

  • Read the article below
  1. Discuss at least 6 ways in which the persons depicted in this article have taken on masculine gender roles.
  2. Also, list any features of these individuals, if any, that remain feminine in gender.
  • Each Answer should at least one paragraph in length (3-5 sentence minimum).
  • Each answer should directly address the question.
  • Each answer is expected to be written with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Each answer will also be graded on clarity of writting, organization, and style.
  • Please cite the article. NOTE: Please Read the article below

Homework Answer on Sworn Virgins of Albania

Albania is a country, which is located in South Eastern Europe. The people discussed in this paper are Albania’s people living in the mountain villages of Albania. Women in the places mentioned usually took up the appearance and character traits of men. This made them feel they belong and are able to enjoy the same privileges as men like freedom to vote, drive, do business, drink, smoke, own guns or even swear in public (Zhang 1).

The author of the book posts snapshots of Albanian women disguised as men and the pictures are telling of the new roles and responsibilities assumed by the women. The first picture is an illustration of how women have adopted the appearance of men to be able to fit into recreational activities usually associated with men at the time in the Albania. Ordinarily, one would not find a woman using a walking stick as either a support mechanism or a fashion piece.

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The woman will easily fit among men playing a game of chess or easily fit with men drinking at the local pub/bar. The role of a woman is here not limited to the household chores and can easily enjoy an evening out just like the average man (Zhang 1).The second picture paints the picture of women as protectors, and able to offer guidance. The women are thus seen to be able and actually provide security for the family just like men.