Sample Anthropology Essays On Social Conditions as it Pertains to “Race”

Homework Question on Social Conditions as it Pertains to “Race”

  1. What do we mean by the word “race” when it is used in social or cultural context?
  2. What is the  difference between “race” and “ethnic ancestry”?
  3. If “race” is not a valid biological way to categorize people, why do we all look different?
  • Demonstrate your understanding of regional reinforcement of variation through genetic drift as a way to explain that modern humans are all part of a single, polytypic species.
  • This assignment is a persuasive argument paper. You can decide your position on the subject. Research the evidence for one species with regional variations vs. multiple “races” that live side-by-side and discuss your understanding of the evidence.
  • Please have an introduction, a thesis statement and a conclusion. Please cite into the source page: Stanford, Allen and Anton’s “Exploring Biological Anthropology” 3rd edition. All sources must be referenced in APA format, thanks! (the paper is in MLA, but sources APA)
  • Human Variation and Adaptation to Environmental and Social Conditions as it Pertains to “Race”

Homework Answer on Social Conditions as it Pertains to “Race”


Race has continued to be a heated subject among the academic circles in terms of its definition and understanding. To the social scientists and biologists, race comes as a result of the social construct. According to them, it is only an artificial method of making distinctions as race does not have any basis in the natural world (Mayr, 2002). To other people, genetic differences can be used to define race. In the past, race has been used justify certain actions against certain groups of people.

However, it is important to get the understanding of the matter at hand. In reality, race can explained in terms of human variation and adaptation to environmental and social conditions. Part 1.Biological definition of race takes into account some elements like the physical trait, geographical distribution and concepts of heredity (Graves, 2009). This means that the biological definition notes that a race comes as a result of the distinct breeding units that can also interbreed with other members of Homo sapiens.

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In essence, biological definition can be used to describe race because it identifies some of the physical traits and the geographical distribution, pointing out some of the conspicuous identities (Stanford, Allen and Anton, 2012). However, it does give room for interbreeding with other distinct races.Many physical traits can be seen in different groups of races. Major differences are evident in the phenotypic variations in skin color, body height, hair type, nasal width, and other characteristics.