Sample Anthropology Essays On Religious Tolerance

Homework Question on Religious Tolerance

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  2. How can religious cooperate on forging peace and reducing tension and conflict around the world?

Homework Answer on Religious Tolerance

Religious tolerance is the ability of people from different religious backgrounds to accommodate the views and presence of people from other religious groups. Religious intolerance breeds hatred, war and death. It is obvious that if humans cannot be from the same cultural background, race or region, then the religious allegiance is also bound to be diverse. The only way people can make meaningful interaction is through the ability to accommodate the views, cultures, religions and the numerous diversities that others come with.

One good way through which people from different religious can get acquainted with each other’s cultures is through sporting activities. Spending significant amount of time on a sporting pitch gives people the opportunity to know more about each other. Meaningful competitions result in teams that constitute people from different backgrounds. These people have to work together to beat an opposing team.

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Collaborating on activities totally unrelated to religion, when the participants are from different religions themselves, creates an environment in which religious tolerance can be created. It is a known fact that nations with high religious tolerance levels for each other are usually peaceful and attractive to visitors from many religious backgrounds.