Sample Anthropology Essays On Nisa A Woman In The Kung Society

Homework Question on Nisa as a typical woman in the Kung society

  • Please write a three page essay
  • This assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points.
  • Statement of Purpose :Your purpose for writing this paper is to demonstrate that you have done a close reading of Nisa by providing well-selected details and quotes supporting your points and observations as you discuss  the following  question.
  • You should also tie your answer in with the chapter readings in Conformity and Conflict, meaning that your references page should have at least two sources listed.
  • Outside research is not required.
  1. In your opinion, address the ways in which Nisa appears to be both typical and/or atypical for a woman living in !Kung society, as portrayed by Marjorie Shostak and from the readings in your textbook.
  2. Be sure to pull your examples from all phases of her life, and cite specific instances to support your observations.
  • Submit the paper to me via Blackboard in either MS Word (.doc or .docx) or Pages format before that time.
  • No late papers will be accepted.
  • Be sure to list at the top of your essay the option you select.
  • Cite supporting evidence in detail using APA style, including page numbers where required.
  • Format your paper in standard college manner (1″ margins, page numbers, and 12 pt. type size in a standard font such as Times New Roman).
  • You do not need to include a cover page or a document abstract.
  • References can be at the end of your final page and do not need to be on a separate page.

Homework Answer on Nisa as a  woman in the Kung society

To a great extent, the behavior of an individual is determined by the culture observed in the environment where they grow up. Every society has distinct beliefs and activities that define its culture and this is what determines whether one is a typical member of the society. Behaving according to the rules and regulations observed by the society is considered a normal way of life and it brings about acceptance of the individuals in the society.

Ethnocentric individuals are unable to accept any cultural beliefs that do not match theirs and they consider people with such cultures as atypical. In the modern world, the cultural beliefs and practices of many people in the society are slowly losing their originality due to cultural interactions. The development in technology and education are some of the factors that have promoted interaction of people across the globe, making it hard for them to retain their original culture in a place where it is not observed.

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Such individuals end up mixing their cultural identity by practicing their original cultural activities and beliefs as well as the acquired ones. The organization of a society largely depends on the effectiveness of the political power in question. Elman Service contends that societies go through four stages of evolution that are related to their social and political aspects.  The story by Marjorie Shostak about Nisa describes a situation where on e can be torn apart between cultures and they cease being typical and become atypical members of the society.