Sample Anthropology Essays On Anthro News

Homework Question on Anthro News

  1. For This assignment, you will find at least three news stories with anthropological content via television, radio, or online.
  2. In Your report, not to exceed 250 words, you will identify the source of the news item, briefly summarize the content, and indicate its anthropological significance. Linking Your responses to content from the textbook will help to establish anthropological significance.
  • The Purpose of this exercise is to become aware of the anthropological perspective, and its application to everyday life.

Homework Answer on Anthro News

In, that is online source, tells that there are sixty Languages at Risk of Becoming Extinct in Mexico it has been discovered that about sixty languages of the about 140 languages spoken in Mexico may become extinct with time if care is not taken (Duranti 116). Some languages can only be well spoken by a few people. For example, one language called ayapenaco, which is now understood by only two elderly persons.

There are also many other languages which are affected. This comes because of many languages, which are not that popular being forgotten by the people who speak them. Other people are absorbed by more popular language making them forget their language (Fedoras 56). This is not only in Mexico but it affects many countries across the world today. The significance of this news is that it studies human in terms of their language since anthropology deals with study of people’s life.

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In the same source, it has been discovered that digitizing cave art will prevent it from being lost forever. It has been found that many cave arts are being lost due to many atrocities caused by natural calamities such as floods, winds, and rising sea levels(Fedorak 105). Because of this, archeologists have decided to take photos of these historic sites and post them on internet to prevent them from being lost forever. This will actually help in maintaining the study of life of people as from the ancient days.